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Production Center

The production base is one of the company's three major cores and is responsible for production scheduling and scheduling. Control and dispatch company's office, civilian and soft sofa factory production, manage and control the operation and maintenance of the whole plant equipment, and manage nearly 300 production line talents. In the production process, there are strict requirements on the products and guarantees to customers.


Hong Kong Wind Company strictly enforces the quality policy of “well-developed, elaborate production, excellent service, and excellence” in ensuring product quality. Product quality controls the implementation of "product quality begins with design."


In terms of human resources, the production base has 30 years of elites engaged in furniture production and the backbone of more than 20 years of furniture production. With many years of furniture production experience, we are familiar with the performance of raw materials and are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the performance of new and old equipment. We can maximize the use of the machine's efficiency in arranging production, combining the performance of raw materials to achieve both increased efficiency and energy savings . While making full use of human resources, people-oriented.


In terms of machinery and equipment, the company has more than one imported Italian computer saw for cutting. With a computer saw, the operation is simple, and the materials are processed and mechanized. The complexity of the process is reduced, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. There are electronic saws, sanders, dust-free oil injection rooms imported from Italy, Germany and other places. Based on the combination of dry and environmentally friendly paint spray booths, an additional air purification system is added. Greatly reduce the pollution of the environment.


In the production of technology and technology, adhere to the leading production technology, process line short, and optimization, so that the product's processing accuracy to meet the common interchange of product parts, to achieve product standardization, serialization and interchange of common. The company continues to introduce international advanced production equipment and production technology. Such as the introduction of Germany's bold numerical control furniture production line, the product's production technology and technology to the international level. With the advantages of product quality, environmental protection and craftsmanship, our company has been identified as a Chongqing government procurement point supplier.


In materials, we insist on strictly controlling the physical properties of materials. Responsible for the customer, pick qualified green materials. Adhere to the maximum utilization of materials and the maximum pollution-free materials. Materials commonly used in furniture include four categories: sheet, paint, adhesive, and hardware. In this regard, we selected according to the ISO 14025 international standard and the California and European Union standards, followed the ecological design concept and obtained the “Green Choice Mark” issued by the Chinese Business Society. To achieve a simple and beautiful furniture style, generous and environmental protection requirements of the unity. From the design, production technology to process in all aspects are required by high standards, Hong Kong wind products will not cause harm to the human body and the environment, is a genuine green product. Arrange production rationally, rationally deploy machine use and make full use of human resources, and actively cooperate with marketing. At the same time as orderly production, we tried our best to insert orders for customers. In customer-oriented spirit, meet customer needs.


In terms of product testing, we insist on the physical testing of products and materials, and the unification of chemical testing and environmental protection. Each product and material must meet the standards for environmental protection testing while satisfying physical and chemical testing standards. Ensure the unity of product mechanical properties and environmental performance.


In terms of the environment, it persists in sorting, rectifying, cleaning, and literacy. The conservation of resources, the recycling of waste water, the professional treatment of waste gas residues, and the treatment of activated carbon dust, all show the concept of environmental protection. While making full use of energy, it has reduced the waste of other energy and contributed to environmental protection.