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Service Process

Customer Service System:


           Equipment selection, technology negotiation process:

           1. Let you learn more about device features.

           2. According to your requirements planning equipment layout and water, electricity, gas and other arrangements.

           3. According to your needs, provide turnkey projects.


           Equipment production process:

           1. Efficiently improve product quality through lean production management.

           2. Through a regular photo, video, to show you the real production process, allowing you to know the progress of the production.

           3. Invite you or a third party that you have commissioned to go to the factory to test before delivery and personally inspect the goods until you are satisfied.


          During the operation of the equipment:

          1. Provide engineers to your organization for installation and commissioning, and provide technical guidance and personnel training.

          2. The device is completely free of charge for 12 months and is maintained for life. After the warranty period, the corresponding spare parts will be provided at the cost price.

          3. Establish a customer database. All factory equipment is available for inspection.

          4. Make regular visits to customers and follow up and investigate the use of each customer's equipment.

          5. Gradually increase service outlets to effectively improve service and spare parts supply.